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When i notice who you are...i understand the reasons of this strong 90's armosphere in my room. Great always! ;)

My work tends to do that!

I love the style of the game. I'm really looking forward to see what you do next with this.Also my question is was we playing a person and replaying their memories or was we a victim of what happened ? 

That's the mystery. ;--)

wooooo are you going to develop more on this, or move onto something new ?  

I mean, regardless of the length, this is a standalone game and a finished one at that. However, I do intend to make more of these.

POV d’un tueur! Le gars voulait se garder de petits souvenirs ;) super le concept <3

They like birds


chirp chirp!



That was spooky. And amazing. I hope you'll make more horror games like this one.  

(I created some story while playing it, I hope it's ok)


I like it!

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I have got to say for being under 6 minutes of gameplay, the game is kinda creepy as the time progresses in the game. It does remind me of the VHS movies that are made like this. I look forward to anything else that is to come. 

I love how photo realistic is is for footage from cameras in the 90s, especially one that someone who lives in a run down apartment would have. Overall good creepiness and an interesting story you kinda write for yourself while seeing glimpses into the characters day to day.

Very well done.

I really enjoyed this little game! 

nice game, i enjoyed it

Nice attempt it reminded me of some V/H/S movies or live footage videos on youtube that i loved ....Keep up the good work we really enjoyed it ....
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This is the most terrifying nostalgia trip I've ever had!

That was really great experience
Keep it up, dude!
P.S.  Still waiting for your LSD Dream Emulator inspired project

Hi. Thanks for the reply. See this trailer 

Thanks! I thought the teen TV-show didn't quite add up! Looks interesting!

Very cool game. Great experience. Is this game inspired by "S.O.N - South of Nowhere"?

I don't know what that is and google offered some TV-show for teens, so I'd say no

Glad you liked it though!


DON'T WATCH THIS VHS TAPE! | SEPTEMBER 1999 Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Interesting... a couple of non-spoilery information fo those wanting to try it:

What this tech demo lacks in gameplay (there's literally nothing else than waiting and moving a bit between the two same rooms), it delivers in mood. It's like a really nice short film that totally delivers on the advertised time! :D

The VHS effect is well done and I like the touch with the 4/3 ratio.

Sound is well done for such a small experience too.

It doesn't have much narration either but this is definitely an interesting piece to put in a portfolio.

Curious to see more stuff from you, sir/madam.

Also, how much time did you take to make this, have you used existing assets/scripts, that kind of stuff?

Took 2-3 weeks probably. Most of that time went into fighting with Unity's lighting system though. There's some third party assets involved, sure — such as some of the small props, since creating them myself wouldn't really be smart use of my time.

Anyway, glad you digged it!

Good work! :)

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Thank you for the kind words!

A delightfully forboding experience I must say. The VHS effect is executed perfectly and makes the already eerie atmopshere even more immersive. Would love to see the concept expanded on, can't wait to check out your future projects.

Thank you! Stay tuned, who knows what'll come next! 💁

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check out my gameplay if youd like? :D

Hello! Curious about this one. Got a question first tough:

Can we rebind keys? Because wasd for movement will be unplayable, I hate that.

Yes, you can rebind the keys in the initial window where you choose graphics settings etc.

Fantastic! I'll give it a try then!

Is there other meaning behind the games??


It's a short horror game but it's also very well made!  The graphics atmosphere and design for this is incredible!  

If only there was MOAR!

Really captured that old VHS feel whilst at the same time making me feel really old for remembering what VHS played like...

Thankyou so much for this experience, it is an amazing, immersive and haunting honor!

Atmosphere was really good, but I couldn#t get used to the weird drunk controls. 

First of, if you have access to a computer and not on your mobile phone: just play this game yourself.

If this is your only way of seeing it, I cut my playthrough to be as easy of a watch through as possible with no commentary.

That being said, WOW. Nailed it. This game was phenominal and scary in all the best ways without fallign to video game tropes. More please. So much more please.

Amazing execution of concept. VHS quality filter makes this look almost real. Impressive. I would totally buy a lengthier, more fleshed out version of this. 

Also playing on a psychedelic at some point; Could be immersive as Fuck.

I really enjoyed this! You did a great job at creating an interesting horror atmosphere in a short span of time. The sound design and aesthetics were very well done. I'm a big fan of your Youtube channel, and I'll absolutely be keeping my eye out for any of your future game releases!

Linux version does not work, solid gray blinking colour, nothing else :/

If you don't mind, what are your specs?

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6 GB, 396.51 (newest beta drivers)

Ryzen 7 1700X

16 GB DDR4

Ubuntu 18.10

The game works fine on Wine, I just finished playing a moment ago. You are awesome! Good work!


Alright. Tbh no idea what's causing the flickering screen, I'll have to see if others report it.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

linux link removed?

Yes. It had issues because... Linux. Hoping to get it back up soon. Should work just fine on Wine though.


That was a great experience. Horror games are better suited for letting the situation take over than just letting the player walk from A to be. Exploring a horrid situation that you have no control over gives you that much dread.

Awesome, do more!



I just might!

You really nailed the VHS film style very well. Do you have plans on expanding this into a "series"?

Thanks! I'd like to do more stuff like this for sure, but not sure yet. 🤷

It looks amazing! Had to play twice to pay a little more attention. Do you intend to make something more with it or it is just a concept?

Not sure yet tbh. Would love to do something similar.

Some people in 99 were lip-synching to I want it that way but... I guess others were... not. This was a little disturbing. :)

Saw the gif on twitter, thought it was actual footage for a second. This was really good and instantly my kind of thing.  I'll keep an eye out for whatever else you do!

Glad to hear it!

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