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DURATION: 5 minutes 30 seconds

YEAR: 1999

CONTROLS: (rebindable in the same window you choose resolution from)

Move: WASD

Zoom: Left mouse button

Pause: ESC

Quit:  ESC and then Enter.


"The found footage visual style is superb, really immersing you into the experience, and the audio design does a great job of building up the tense atmosphere.”

- Free Game Planet

"September 1999 show how developers can take a straightforward premise, house it within a very familiar setting and stretch it into one of the most nightmarish experiences of your life.”

- Rely On Horror

Also available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/952250/SEPTEMBER_1999/

Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/98demake

Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/98DEMAKE/

If you're having trouble lowering the resolution, start the game in windowed mode in your desired resolution, and ALT + TAB in to fullscreen.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(214 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, Horror
Average sessionA few minutes
MentionsNeed to fill your October up with spooky...


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Version 4
SEPTEMBER 1999 Mac 310 MB
Version 4

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This would fit too well in Manhunt.

Top tier horror game for a limited time. The unique camera view gives another level of horror to players.

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

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Beklemmender und düsterer Found Footage Horror 🥰 September 1999 schafft eine wirklich unangenehme Atmosphäre und der Sound ist top!


This is one of those games where you let your mind do all the work. Not all that much to it but really has a story to tell ! 

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

Very good looking VHS horror game! I enjoyed it

One of my favorite VHS horror games!  Check out my review :)


Replayed this recently, truely a high point in short horror

Full Play No Commentary 

I love the creepy vibes of the game.

Игра хорошо сделана, но короткая, полное прохождение у меня на канале!

The game is well made, but short, the full gameplay is on my channel!

That was SO GRAPHIC and SCARY!  I had no idea what was happening and why there was shit in my pants!

My girlfriend gave this a try-- she's still trying to piece together what happened.

Well done! I had goosebumps playing this. 

Loved the game, basically a work of art 

i love your game good job :):):)

The graphics are insane. So realistic

very good

Excellent atmosphere and VHS effects.  Wonder what went on in that house?

I play this while back and it still enjoy the game. I like how the atmosphere is just creepy. 

Wow This Game Was Way Scarier Than I Thought!!!

Loved it! I wish it was a little longer but that's all I would change. It makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable in a very short space of time. Well done dev.


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I play your game at 20:04, easily one of - if not - the best games I've found on this site, well done! Audio made it super immersive. Check out my video.


This game was so creepy and amazing, but also so short!!! And it left me with so many questions!!!

Here is my play through, in case anyone is interested (first game)!!!

UUUUUH.. What? A Weird but creepy and cool Experience...

Not much context but it surely isn't needed to create a disturbing feeling at the end! Loved it

Pretty interesting game. The atmosphere is really creepy and I enjoy the way the story is told. I hope you make some more games like this one day. Thanks!

So I know I have to play this cause not only is it the the year I was born but also the month too. If my name is in this then I'll scream

This is one of the best super-short horror games I've ever played. So much ambience and creepiness crammed into a 5 minute game. Fantastic work! (Third game in the video)
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Did my best to give the game justice, hope you enjoy

Amazing VHS game!! had SUCH a fun time playing it!! Would recommend if you are into these type of games!

Played it for free, came back and donated 2 bucks. Nuff said.

I know I super late to the game on this one, but I’m so pleased I got around to playing this game. In one word… awesome! I love how atmospheric it was and how claustrophobic and tense it is. The simple and haunting audio is superb. Despite not dialogue throughout the game, the story is relatively transparent, but not too obvious. It does leave some questions unanswered, and I like that. Despite the short length, it was just right. Any longer and it would have been perhaps too much. Any less and it wouldn’t have packed the punch that it did. It was great and I commend you on such an amazing game! I’ve done a little walkthrough… I hope that’s okay. Yours is the first one. 

This game looked and felt fantastic! The aspect ratio is what I felt really sold the player on the ambience and the creepy house! The static, the shading, the lights looked really good and the minimalistic map was also well done as it the main focus f the game were the two accessible rooms. 

The only thing that I thought broke the immersion was the thing where the camera wet to static and there was a time skip. It seemed really random and initially I was very confused as to what to do. 

Other than that, it was a really well made game with an amazing atmosphere!

I put this game in my video - 15:00 - 

Scary year 1999

Great game really enjoyed it.

Greetings brother, I really enjoyed this game. This game has a great touch of horror and disturbance.

really loved this game sincerely made very well and love how simple it was if you enjoyed this video and your a youtuber and itch.io game enthusiast please subscribe i need more indie horror game loving community that just gets it lol

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