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Really loved it, its feeling and aesthetic...


Didn't expect this going in. Liked the lost footage ARG feel.



Very short, but very cool. A full length would be nice. 

Nice game

Pour les Francophones !


Awesome little experience! I made a video of my try on it, feel free to check it out!

Best horror game ever Tobi.

One of the best short horror games I have had the pleasure of playing. Check it out! 

Horror experience very well achieved! This is really disturbing.

Thanks for sharing your creation!

Here's my gameplay :

One of my first gameplays, Still very fun and creepy!

I kept having an issue where my mouse would reapear in between scenes, any way to fix this? (I'm on mac)


That was great I enjoyed that very much. This was a refreshing game to play as so many inde horrors on here are very basic, bland and unoriginal but this was great. Apart from the disturbing bits obviously... Anyway here is my playthrough i hope you enjoy it!

Very effective and stylish; the laggy/slow camera gave me motion sickness! Was happy to suffer to experience this as the artist intended.

did u mistyped $1.00?


My experince with September 1999 - First video


Gave it a go! =D 


This was incredible! Obviously very simple gameplay wise but the atmosphere is massively tense and the way you've made it look like it's come straight from VHS is phenomenal!!


Loved it. So well done and creepy. I didn't want it to end. Hey, I played your game in my video from today and I loved it! Even though, it was very short I liked it a lot. The VHS style was very cool, whenever I play horror games with that style I just find it really cool and interesting. I really hope though, there will be more to this game in the future because I want more! :)

Short and creepy. I love the VHS effect and the realistic quality to the game. Immersive and unsettling in all the right ways. Great game ♡


Really enjoyed the game!  I like how your games subvert the horror in interesting ways. [Analysis/Thoughts Below. Subtitles are available!]

Honestly one of the best horror games I've ever played.

Thank you! That's some high praise indeed!

I rate this game 1.000/10 i loved it so much, I can't wait for December 2000, here's my Playthrough of the game incase anyone wanted to watch :3

Great game loved every bit of it played it on steam cant wait for December 2000 :)

With its nice 1990's camera look and creepy as hell atmosphere... This was a pretty nice game. Please let there be more of this...

O ne of the most unsettling horror experiences in a while.  Well done!

Cool I like it! I Was Played Steam but That's Cool!

Deleted post

sent me through a loop with how realistic this all looked! Nice work

Any plans to make  longer/ more interactive game in this style because I would be so excited to see that

Yup. I'm currently working on a longer continuation for this one!

Can't wait!!



That was really good! Nice job on that!

Really good game, it's nice to have a horror experience that isn't too involved, it's almost laid back but really good, really enjoyed it :D

Had so much fun and really liked the game! September 1999 has so much potential if it ever gets a full version. Made a 3 scary games video, and it's the first one :) 

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Nicely done game. Great audio horror. The only problem I had was it's not longer! Abrupt ending but the playthrough itself makes it worth it. 

Honestly, the most amazing found footage type game I've ever played. Photorealistic style + the unobtrusive camera filter really makes this great. I hope you continue to take advantage of this style to create a fully fledged game. I love this.  Here is my playthrough on Twitch.

Had a super messy playthrough of this game but really enjoyed it all the same! :D

Tense little game with a really immersive graphics filter, great stuff! 

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