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Game is unpurchasable on steam at the moment because it's current sale price is below steam's minimum price threshold.

Thanks for the heads up!

The true horror of this game is how bad it controls


this is still a great game in 2022, would love to see new stuff :)

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$2.99 to $ 299.99


whoops :---D fixed

OK/Normal was interesting as a ps1 inspired game. It reminded me of the works of Osamu Sato more specifically LSD Dream Emulator. What is great about this game is that 98Demake has let us interact more with one of their works. As someone who has watched a lot of their content, I can certainly approve. I found that the ps1 feels were pretty well done. Especially, the tank controls which is reminiscent of the original Resident Evil. I'd say overall it was good.

I watched Vinny's playthrough today and just had to pick this up! 

Played your game on our Twitch channel! We thought it was an intriguing experience; creative visuals and solid sound design. It had its weak points too–it dragged on a bit once we got to the key section–but overall it was certainly worth the playthrough. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can check out the VOD at (we had some trouble getting it started at first due to a controller bug where the character was whirling in circles). Hope you continue to make games, would love to see what weirdness you put together next!

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When you put the words surreal and horror together, something is bound to go wrong

I would've preferred to have bought this on itch, but it won't let me purchase it at the sale price, so I'll be buying on Steam I guess :/


Either's fine 🤷 Thanks for purchasing nonetheless

good game i did not like it i was uncomfortable the entire time especially when the cloud started going at my insecurities and i couldn't find the other two keys. Played for free but put in 2 bucks after i finished

Couldn't receive the steam key? Is it a bug? There was no get steam key button, am I doing something wrong?

I would assume since it's free that you don't get one. Don't know.

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Oh i see, is there anything you can/ are allowed to do about it? If not it's okay I guess, cool game, runs like a breeze on my old 2011 laptop it's amazing how much you managed to optimize this game running on Unity wow! 

Absolutely love this game! I've always been intrigued by odd indie games like these, but this one actually really caught my interest all the way through. I have to ask though, what inspired you? 

Turns out this game launches without issue under Wine on Linux. Just unzip and launch as you generally would. Will poke at it some more.

Can confirm, playable start to finish with Wine.

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Pretty sure it says it in the splash screen. Unity.

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I don't quite know what to say about this one. I admire the intent, but the whole game sort of collapses towards the end, IMO. I know that the intention of the later levels was to really emphasize monotony and frustration, but eventually that passed. Eventually I was just...bored.

There was so much work done on the aesthetics and on cool ideas that I don't want to hit you too hard for that. Still, the pacing is genuinely broken. I want to recommend this to friends, but I keep waffling back and forth on whatever conversations we have.

Y'all are incredibly talented, and I hope this is the beginning of a great career in game dev. Unfortunately, this didn't do much for me.


this game's soundtrack is really cool! will it be available for purchase/download anywhere anytime soon?

This is a gem. The whole experience is extremely immersive, even on slower parts of the game. It isn't too difficult or too easy, but just perfect. The game itself isn't repetitive at all and definitely keeps the mind busy. The sound engineering is VERY unique and matches up with the visuals perfectly. The game ran super smoothly and it looked really nice. I am absolutely in love with low-poly visuals in horror games. I played your P.T. remake in the past, but I'm pretty sure that was the only title that I've played by you. I'm thrilled to have experienced one of your original creations! This is definitely a work of art. Thanks so much for making this! (sorry I'm so late to the party)

Got this on Steam at the weekend, loving it so far! 

I'm stuck on the red maze level at the moment, feel like I'm missing something fundamental as I just seem to be wandering aimlessly. Guess thats what you do in a maze...

Great mood and style, can't wait to see more games


You're not missing anything, just need to find a way out. The maze was made a bit easier in v1.1, but if you got it over the weekend you should already have that version.


I have very mixed feelings on this game. On one hand the graphics are unarguably really interesting and a cool technical accomplishment. On the other hand, the gameplay, such as it is, is reaaaaaallyyy boooooooorrriiiiiing. 

I get the impression that this may have been the intent for at least part of the game, but boring gameplay and a story too vague to be really interesting make this kind of a hard sell. The graphic style is certainly what carries this game.

Fair enough 💁

do i really have to get six keys?



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I just finished the game and it was quite an experience. I really like the creepy unsettling mood it gives off.

I have to say though, you might need to do something about that level with the keys and the one right afterwards. I get from the dialogue that they're supposed to be a bit demoralizing, but there are practical limits to player patience and to be honest I can see a majority of playthroughs just ending on a bad note at either of those levels.

Thanks for the feedback — totally get where you're coming from.

I love the aesthetic of the demo, I'm looking forward to the full game!


Vaporwave meets horror. Interesting. I love it.

Is this FNAF-level horror, or Resident Evil level?

I'm interested in recording this for YouTube, but I want to keep my channel relatively family-friendly...

It's really neither. It's more psychological horror. Not family friendly per se, but not gory etc. either.

Here's a playthrough of the demo: 

Thanks for the quick reply! I'll probably record the game. :)

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I have tested the demo and to be honest, this is a very unique and interesting game for me, I recommended this to a friend and he will eventually test it as well.

I recommend anyone that visits this page and find yourself interested,  play the Demo as well, it's a quite different experience. I'll surely buy this on its full release not only to support the creator but to see what waits beyond the limitations of the demo.


I'm glad to hear you found it interesting!