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This was a really cool experience... what have i done?

Great atmosphere. Not sure I knew exactly what was going on, but I feel like that was on purpose. The graphics were really amazing, almost looked real in parts.

"Parts" lol. "SPOILERS" ;-)

well now it's a spoiler :)

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Well I guess I forgot to post the (Low quality) video I made here soooo...:

Edit: I forgot to mention that I love the game.

P.T is gone, but the impact it did still lingers just like you can see in this short demo. September 1999 takes that small confined location and make you put out your own theories of what's going on, who am I and why people are dying here. 

What a ride this was! I didn't have any clue what was happening, then it was all so clear and so weird. Loved it :D

This game has an atmosphere to it that I don't think I've come across before. Everything feels so real... perhaps too real. But I certainly enjoyed the ride, and thanks so much for giving us this experience!

Really looking forward to seeing what other delights you spoil us with in the future! Keep up the great work =)

I'm curious, are you forcing a resolution in this game? Cause no matter what I chose, it didn't seem to change the quality. 

In the 16:9 aspect ratio, the noise cuts into the sides, and I thought maybe running it 4:3 would help, but it did not. 

Regardless of that hiccup, the environment looked great. Lacked interaction, but it was still interesting to witness the events.

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As far as I know, I'm not. However there does seem to be something weird happening with Unity ignoring the resolution choice indeed. I'll have to look in to it.

What I do know is you can start the game windowed in whatever resolution you want, and alt tab to full screen. Obviously that's not optimal, and will have to be looked into.

edit: The noise cutting to the sides is by design though.

Oh? What was your intention with that? Why did you chose to let the noise spill over?

Good luck figuring out the resolution thing though. That's such a peculiar bug. 

There's a slight color bleed and blur on the sides of the 4:3 "screen" as well, which I thought looked nice — plus having the effect fill the screen keeps the all the blacks the same shade, which I thought was less jarring than pure black on the sides.

Not saying it's necessarily a good choice, but that's what I went with in this one. Might do pure black in the future tbh. 🤷‍♂️

Whether or not it was good is an opinion of aesthetic.  

I fall on the pure black side, as I felt like the fuzz bleeding over broke the illusion and was a little distracting.  However  I understand better  why you chose the other route. ^^ 

Regardless of how you swing in the future, I am excited to see what you do next. 

Made a video on this game: pretty cool game actually. Doesn't include any jumpscares, so that's a plus!

I reviewed this game if you have the time to check it out. Enjoyed it, looking forward to more



I did a thing 

Hiya! I played your game!


Really interesting game! A mix of creepy atmosphere, a bit of mystery at first and the art style made this a really unique experience for being so short. A great example of how horror games don't have to be long and full of jumpscares to be scary! 

Reminds me of the horror movie anthology series V/H/S I  appreciate the vibe. What I mean by that is I appreciate how there aren't really any jump scares to purposely scare you, but yourself. What your mind depicts is happening is the true horror. Are you a victim or are you the possible monster? I also must commend you on how photo-realistic this looks which adds to the atmosphere. I would play an entire horror game that looked this way, thank you. I contributed this as the first video for my month of Spooktober. 

Really cool concept, I was far more convinced it was real than I thought I would be.  Looks just like old VHS tapes, I love that.  Expanded with some more moving parts, and some more length, and this would be a fantastic game.  One of the few horror games I think a jump scare or two would benefit from.  The atmosphere is just that good.  Really nice, hope you can make something bigger out of it in the future.

Fantastic. Some of the screenshots almost had me fooled. Has a good sense of dread without a single jumpscare in it.

Very interesting, I'm left with lots of questions... The style it's amazing!! Nice Job!

I really like the VHS effect.

Honestly one of the coolest experience's ive had in a horror game! I love how there isnt any jump scares in it. Most horror games rely on that and this didn't. Great job guys keep it up! 

Thank you!

This was really cool, I loved it

Great game i loved the creepy vhs style it almost looked real this is a awesome short little disturbing horror game. I don't know what else to say other than it was amazing.

Great game scariest indie horror game ever played in even though it doesn't have jumpscares. Also nice vhs effects tho to fit the theme of the game that you have created :D

Thank you!

Great game scariest indie horror game ever played in even though it doesn't have jumpscares. Also nice vhs effects tho to fit the theme of the game that you have created :D

A horror game with a VHS style to it. 98DEMAKE, you are awesome! You managed to capture the atmosphere with the entire VHS recording. It feels dark, stuffy and crazy.

The sounds made much of the game and the only thing I missed was the option to explore more. I wanted to know what those trail led to there later in into the game. 

Even if the game might been short, it was totally worth playing it. 


Glad you liked it!

I absolutely loved this game!! i wish there was soooo much more but this was great! awesome awesome job on making this! :D 


HUGE fan of your work. I started following you a long time ago when I happened to stumble upon your YouTube page. You have SO much potential. The moment I saw your name on this game I immediately jumped on it. Very impressive! I really wish you the best on your work and the production on this game if it continues. It's simple, easy and phenomenal. The filter just added a touch of perfection towards it. Good day to you sir!

Thank you, and good day to you aas well

Best game of the year


Wow, really spooky. I loved it


When i notice who you are...i understand the reasons of this strong 90's armosphere in my room. Great always! ;)

My work tends to do that!

I love the style of the game. I'm really looking forward to see what you do next with this.Also my question is was we playing a person and replaying their memories or was we a victim of what happened ? 

That's the mystery. ;--)

wooooo are you going to develop more on this, or move onto something new ?  

I mean, regardless of the length, this is a standalone game and a finished one at that. However, I do intend to make more of these.

POV d’un tueur! Le gars voulait se garder de petits souvenirs ;) super le concept <3

They like birds


chirp chirp!



That was spooky. And amazing. I hope you'll make more horror games like this one.  

(I created some story while playing it, I hope it's ok)


I like it!

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I have got to say for being under 6 minutes of gameplay, the game is kinda creepy as the time progresses in the game. It does remind me of the VHS movies that are made like this. I look forward to anything else that is to come. 

I love how photo realistic is is for footage from cameras in the 90s, especially one that someone who lives in a run down apartment would have. Overall good creepiness and an interesting story you kinda write for yourself while seeing glimpses into the characters day to day.

Very well done.

I really enjoyed this little game! 

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